Project Based Learning

One of the biggest goals I have next year as a 7th grade math teacher is to engage my students through socially and culturally relevant units. My Multiliteracies summer course has opened my eyes to how diverse my students are and their literacies. Students are literate in ways that I’m not and I’m literate in ways that they aren’t. For example, some of my students may be able to communicate things to me about particular video games that I have no idea about. I may be able to communicate things to my students about math that they don’t know about. This is something as educators that we can use to our advantage. If we know our students well enough to know what they are literate in then we can use that expertise to help them grow in their literacy in other areas. One of the avenues in which I plan to do this next year is through Project Based Learning. I plan to use the website listed below to aid me in this endeavor.

In creating a weebly website for the Multiliteracies class I came across this great weebly for Project Based Learning. It contains several different parts. It explains Project Based Learning. It provides links to other websites for Project Based Learning. It provides links to ideas and links to rubrics and how to create rubrics. It provides links to tools, links for how to manage project based learning, and links for the driving question behind project based learning. It contains links to videos about project based learning, links to professional learning communities, and research about project based learning. It also has links to other things like blogs, workshops, and technology ideas.