Using technology to keep students interested in grammar

Grammar seems to be the thorn in every language arts teacher’s side. Each year a language arts teacher adds to their students’ knowledge about how sentences are developed and identifying specific parts of speech. Then the next year the students tell their language arts teacher they have never learned parts of a sentence or even parts of speech. So, here are a couple of technology ideas that just might help them remember some grammar from year to year. Organizing the different parts of speech by using the website called which is a digital graphic organizer where you can label the eight parts of speech with its definition. Then after you have used to introduce the parts of speech, assign groups of students to a specific part of speech where they will create an iMovie (a free iPad app) trailer to explain what their particular part of speech is. They can use anything that relates to their life. Then the groups will present their creations.  Students can review these mini-grammar trailers to help them remember their grammar.



One thought on “Using technology to keep students interested in grammar

  1. My first year as a teacher I taught parts of speech only to move up to the next grade with the kids and face a classroom of blank stares. It’s crazy; I started a review and it was like they were hearing it for the first time! I now focus more on grammar in the context of writing. I’ve had kids make music videos. They’ve loved working on the videos, and the pre-work (scripting, editing, etc.) reinforces the concepts and teaches them how to evaluate their work. I’ve also used padlet with great success in having students work collaboratively. Relative to grammar, I give students bonus points for finding great sentences in class or independent reading novels that require grammar skills to recognize, but also serve as strong models for writing, i.e. focusing on sentence variety and finding great compound sentences or introductory clauses, parallel structure, etc. They post what they find on a padlet wall to share with everyone.

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